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Hundreds queue as Tesco opens first budget supermarket Jack’s

22 September 2018

The Chatteris store enjoyed a successful first morning, right, with hundreds pouring through the doors at 10am to be greeted with champagne, bacon sandwiches and cupcakes.

“Jack Cohen championed value for customers and changed the face of British shopping. A second outlet opened yesterday in Immingham, Lincolnshire.

As part of a series of initiatives to pay tribute to Tesco's centenary, Jack's will reflect the values of its founder, who began what is now a major United Kingdom supermarket chain with a simple, no-frills approach to those people in need.

"The intention is for us to be cheapest in town", he said at the Chatteris store, which was built as a Tesco supermarket but was mothballed in 2015 when the group was in crisis.

Tesco launched Jack's yesterday (19 September) under the tag-line "great-tasting food at the lowest possible prices".

United Kingdom supermarket giant Tesco yesterday launched a new discount brand - Jack's - as a rival discounters Aldi and Lidl.

Moreover, Jack's offers familiar grocery brands and a range of general merchandise on a "When it's Gone, It's Gone" basis.

"It's fitting that today, we mark the beginning of Tesco's celebration of 100 Years of Great Value by launching a new brand, and stores bearing his name: Jack's".

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Tesco's chief executive Dave Lewis revealed that between 10 and 15 stores are planned which will either be new sites, venues next to exiting Tesco stores, or converted former Tesco stores.

The Times reported that Bryan Roberts, insights director at TCC Global, had praised the look and feel of Jack's stores, while noting that a maximum of 15 stores by 2019 is much more modest than expected.

Prices in the shop are set to be on a par or even better than budget supermarkets Lidl and Aldi.

That compares with the thousands of goods on sale in its traditional supermarkets, and mimics the German chains' focus on simplicity and own-brands to keep costs down - a strategy that has seen them grab 13 percent of Britain's grocery market.

Part of the features of the new stores will include wide aisles, self-ready products, and three checkout options for customers, designed to create an inviting and seamless experience, while keeping operating costs down.

A core premise for the United Kingdom retailer over the past 100 years, Tesco's initiatives have involved price-cutting and value driven offerings.

Unlike Tesco, Jack's will not have an online offering and customers will not be able to use their Tesco clubcard.

Hundreds queue as Tesco opens first budget supermarket Jack’s