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Sen. McCaskill says will vote against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh

20 September 2018

The president said the judge had been treated "very, very tough".

Judge Kavanaugh continues to deny the claim and has this week been meeting White House officials.

But he also dismissed the idea that the FBI should investigate the incident, something Blasey Ford had called for before she testifies.

The Missouri Democrat is facing Republican Josh Hawley, Missouri attorney general, in a competitive race in November, and has faced significant pressure for weeks regarding her vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation, especially due to the fact that she represents a state won by Donald Trump by almost 20 percentage points in 2016.

"I'd really want to see her. I really would want to see what she has to say", Mr Trump said Wednesday.

The Republicans on the committee know they have to give her every opportunity to tell her story but they are adamant that this is not a matter for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that Democrats are using the case to simply stall the nomination process, our correspondent says.

Majority Republicans, haunted by the panel's 1991 treatment of Anita Hill during Justice Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings, say the invitation to testify publicly on Monday stands.

"Well, I would let the senators take their course", he said.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley canceled a vote on Kavanaugh planned for Thursday and said the nominee and his accuser, California university professor Christine Blasey Ford, would both appear next Monday to testify under oath about the alleged incident.

Trump laments Sessions recusal: "I don't have an attorney general"
The president, who has disputed the anonymous claim in the book , demurred Tuesday on whether he might fire the attorney general. All of this tends to ignore the fact that Trump could make a change at AG any time he likes.

Judge Kavanaugh, 53, has firmly denied the allegation. The picture was stamped with the words "Judge Kavanaughs sexual assault letter found by Dems".

"We believe Dr. Blasey Ford", they wrote. And since the hearing was scheduled, Republicans and Trump have increasingly rallied around Kavanaugh, insisting they will move forward with the confirmation process next week despite calls to delay the hearing.

"There are gaps in her memory", the Senate's No. 2 Republican, John Cornyn of Texas, said, referring to details Ford has said she can't remember.

"Guess who is perpetrating all of these kinds of actions?"

She said she contacted friends, who contacted more friends, and they had 65 signatures by the next morning.

He also rejected demands made by Kavanaugh's accuser to wait until after a further FBI investigation, stating that the FBI had already updated Kavanaugh's background check and would not be performing any further work to assess the credibility of Ford's accusations.

"If it happened to her, that's terrible", Clark said.

Women who signed the letter said they didn't know about or recall the party Ford described, and they said her account of a "stumbling drunk" Kavanaugh didn't jibe with their memories of a boy who drank some beer alongside them but never lost control or crossed a line with girls. "He was the kid who always did the right thing".

He said: "I think he's a man of great intellect, as I've been telling you, and he had this unblemished record".

Sen. McCaskill says will vote against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh