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Hurricane Florence from space

15 September 2018

Cameras outside the International Space Station captured dramatic views of rapidly strengthening Hurricane Florence at 8:10 a.m. EDT Sept. 10 as it moved in a westerly direction across the Atlantic, headed for a likely landfall along the eastern seaboard of the US late Thursday or early Friday.

"This photo shows the enormous size of Hurricane Florence, taken with a wide-angle lens from the International Space Station, almost 250 miles directly above the eye of the storm", they tweeted.

Alexander Gerst, a German astronaut who's now orbiting Earth from 250 miles up, has a warning for humans on the planet below him.

ABOVE VIDEO: A high definition camera outside the International Space Station captured a stark and sobering view of Hurricane Florence at 7:50 a.m. EDT on September 12.

FEMA to test system allowing Trump to send emergency alerts
The WEA system is already used to warn the public about missing children, unsafe weather and other vital information, FEMA said. It will be in the form of a cell phone alert with a distinct tone and alert message. "No action is required".

"Hurricane Florence may now be dipping a bit south and hitting a portion of the Great State of Georgia", he wrote.

The International Space Station tweeted this video early Thursday, showing the powerful storm from space.

On Monday morning, the International Space Station also captured video of Florence with winds of 115 miles an hour. Florence, the most ominous for USA residents, is expected to make landfall today. SC and North Carolina are evacuating people living in vulnerable areas along the coast.

The head of Duke Energy Corp.'s North Carolina operations says it could take weeks to restore electricity if the company's prediction that 1 million to 3 million of its 4 million customers lose power.

Hurricane Florence from space