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Tourists flee as cliff face falls on to holiday beach

14 September 2018

A general view shows the beach Navagio following a rockfall, in the island of Zakynthos, Greece September 13, 2018.

Witnesses said a large rock fell from a cliff into the sea at Navagio, known as Shipwreck Beach, creating a large wave that capsized small boats, local media reported.

Three people including at least one tourist were hurt Thursday following a landslide at Navagio beach on the island of Zante, one of Greece's most popular travel destinations, state agency ANA said.

Fire department rescue crews headed to the area accompanied by a sniffer dog, while the coast guard evacuated the beach and banned boats from approaching until further notice.

The brief video clips included below show the moment the rockfall began, with tons of rock breaking away from the cliff face and falling onto the crowded beach in Zante.

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There were no people missing, one of the officials said but authorities were combing land and sea as a precaution, the official said. The rock was so large, it caused a small tsunami, with large waves crashing onto the beach.

Seven people were injured, with one woman suffering back injuries.

Her husband and two children were hospitalised with minor injuries.

The weight of the rock sent a small tsunami across the sands as tourists scrambled to reach safety.

Tourists flee as cliff face falls on to holiday beach