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Ryan Thomas gets emotional watching Celebrity Big Brother footage

14 September 2018

Thomas, 34, who was crowned the show's victor on Monday night, was accused by fellow housemate Pallett of hurting her with a punch, which many viewers defended as play-fighting. Online: "Roxanne Pallett will be in Celebrity Coach Trip". The most important thing for me is that she never does this to anyone else'. I opened the door and it was Gabby'.

"I was sensitive and emotional and mistook what was playful - I apologise for it, I shouldn't have questioned his motivation". "She was always playing up to the camera".

This morning, he sat down with Jeremy Vine to have a lengthy chat about his time on the show and watched back some of the footage for the first time.

Speaking to Jeremy, he said: 'You don't have any idea what's going on just in general, the whole show. It's just a bit unusual.

'There's no element of time and the boredom. everything is heightened. That house, when something like that happens, you can become very isolated.

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Ryan said he could forgive Roxanne, saying: "If she wants forgiveness and it makes her feel better then I would rather give her that, because I think she's been punished enough by the public and people around her". CBB makes headlines and sometimes for the wrong reasons.

'As long as she now gets the help she needs then I think it's time we all draw a line under it. "And unexpected because there was nothing in it and as it unraveled, as it became bigger and bigger, the thing that scared me the most was when Ben said she couldn't stay in the room with me because she was scared".

On the subject of meeting up with Roxanne to hash out their issues, Ryan stated: 'It's something looking forward that I don't want to dwell on.

"I've not seen that back, I've not seen any of it back".

But Roxanne, 35, kicked up a fuss about the incident, eventually removing herself from the house after claiming she couldn't be in the house any more.

Ryan Thomas gets emotional watching Celebrity Big Brother footage