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Apple announces new, affordable iPhone XR

14 September 2018

It is the largest phone ever that Apple has released, not to mention the costliest as well. The 512GB version of the iPhone XS will be around €1,200. Yes, that means it's even bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus.

And, Schiller said, the XS line-up features 'the most handsome iPhone we've ever made'.

Surprisingly there is also a third iPhone XR which has been priced at $749 The 6.1-inch phone comes in various colors such as white, black, blue and coral red. The iPhone XR goes on sale October 26.

Now the fact that the iPhone 6s was removed from Apple's online store is certainly no surprise given that the device is now about three years old. Highlights of the new timepiece are its significantly larger screen options, twice-as-fast processor, new sensors, and watchOS 5.

Apple on Wednesday unveiled updated versions of its priciest iPhones along with a new smartwatch that allows users to take their own electrocardiograms, as the U.S. tech giant looks to boost its momentum in a sputtering market.

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While it appears that Apple is cutting corners with the display, the iPhone XR is packing similar top notch hardware as the iPhone XS. As with the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, the iPhone XR allows you to retroactively adjust the background blur from the gallery. It doesn't feel like much of an upgrade on the iPhone X though. Still, the sheer size of the screen is bound to grab your attention.

"Did they really name the new iPhone the 'excess"?' XS? The iPhone XR comes with a 12 MP, single rear camera.

The only thing that's missing is a secondary telephoto lens but it could still take Portrait shots with depth control.

Named XS, XS Max, and XR, the first two are iterative updates of the iPhone X. Everything offered on last year's phone - Face ID, OLED display, glass sandwich design, dual cameras - is there, and there's an improved main camera sensor and new 7-nanometre (7-nm) mobile chipset. The smartwatch used the same technology what it is using in the current new iPhones. And it's really simple to use and one can see the difference while editing the images.

Apple has made concessions in the past to comply with Chinese law and support its business. New Apple Watch Series 4 Launched Globally; Prices, Features, Specifications & All You Need To Know. With iOS 12, Apple promises benchmarking performance. It's far too early to comment on how the smartphone actually performs but yes it does seem really fast. With a starting price of Rs 1,09,990, it's truly an expensive smartphone. It has all that we have grown accustomed to with the iPhones but in a bigger and better avatar.

Apple announces new, affordable iPhone XR