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White House Counsel Don McGahn is cooperating with Mueller investigation

19 August 2018

While the NYT seems to portray McGahn's move as a significant development in that it's unusual for a lawyer to share so much with an investigator looking into his client (although McGahn is technically the official presidential lawyer, not Trump's personal one), Trump and the White House say there's really nothing to see here.

What's in the New York Times report?

McGahn has met with Mueller's team at least three times and has been questioned by the special counsel's team more extensively than any other member of the White House staff who has gone for an interview, the sources said.

The White House counsel has been privy to the president's public and private rage at the probe, and may be able to provide key information about any potentially illegal attempts Trump may have taken to undermine it.

Mr. Trump repeated that there's been "no collusion and no obstruction" on his part, and instead blamed "crooked" Democrats including Hillary Clinton as well as former members of the intelligence community. Just last month, Mr Trump demanded Mr Sessions fire Robert Mueller and end the probe "right now".

On Saturday evening, McGahn's lawyer confirmed the White House counsel had cooperated with Mueller's team.

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"People always view cooperation as giving up incriminating information but you can cooperate, tell the truth and not give up incriminating information because there's none to give up", Giuliani said.

Dean says that he doesn't think McGahn was intentionally snitching on Trump, but that he had every incentive to be forthcoming. But it said another motivation was McGahn's fear he could be placed in legal jeopardy because of decisions made in the White House that could be construed as obstruction of justice.

Interested in Russia Investigation?

In 2016, USA intelligence agencies concluded that Russian Federation had used a state-authorised campaign of cyber attacks and fake news stories planted on social media in an attempt to turn the election against Hillary Clinton.

The President also compared Mueller to Sen.

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was charged with financial charges as part of the investigation, but the allegations for which he is charged predated his involvement with the Trump campaign. However, the charges are not related to the U.S. election but instead to tax evasion and money-laundering stemming from his political consultancy work in Ukraine.

White House Counsel Don McGahn is cooperating with Mueller investigation