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Perseid meteor shower lights up Georgia skies

16 August 2018

The Perseid meteor shower dazzled spectators... again.

While I look forward each year to observing the Perseid Meteor Shower, late haze and/or light fog put a damper on this year's display.

Named for the constellation Perseus, because of where the meteors are viewed, the shower can be seen when looking toward the constellation in the northeastern portion of the sky between midnight and dawn.

Because the meteor shower's peak arrived just after the new moon on Saturday (Aug. 11), the dark "moonless" sky provided excellent conditions for spotting meteors in the night sky. And with the Perseids, you can thank comet swift-tuttle.

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You don't need any specialist equipment to view the shower as long as the night sky is clear.

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Perseid meteor shower lights up Georgia skies