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Red tide kills sea turtles, thousands of fish on Gulf Coast

13 August 2018

Levy said it had been recorded in Florida since the 1940s. "Your eyes will start watering, you may start coughing and so on". "They're basically suffocating", said Joyce.

Most seafood restaurants arent serving fish and crustaceans that were caught locally, so youll be fine.

Later in the day, she said the situation had improved.

In Bradenton Beach, the stench was impossible to ignore.

"This morning it was brutal", he said of the conditions near the Bridge Street Pier.

On Sunday, Yolo Adventures owner Ryan Davis took this photo of the shoreline near the Bridge Tender Inn in Bradenton Beach.

Can I still take my dog for a walk on the beach? The latest area to be affected is Anna Maria Island. So far, they've only saved manatee victims of red tide. So we spoke to the market clerk to get some answers.

"You have a natural phenomenon called red tide, but you have the nitrogen coming in and giving it a booster shot", said Dr. William Mitsch, a freshwater expert at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Lifelong Floridian Ellan Lain canceled weekend plans with her family after seeing videos of the fish killed by red tide.

"We had no boat traffic Sunday, which is one of busier days".

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However, for now, Pinellas County beaches are clear of red tide and open for business.

As whats believed to be Floridas worst Red Tide algae bloom in a decade continues to ravage beaches and wildlife, residents across Tampa Bay and Florida are planning to travel to beaches and stand, hand-in-hand, for 15 minutes to bring awareness to an issue they feel is not receiving the attention it deserves.

During the 2017-2018 red tide in particular, many community members have reported fish kills, including large spawning individuals of a treasured sport fish species, the common snook. Fish populations generally bounce back after a Red Tide, but the toxic bloom is also wreaking havoc among more sensitive animals.

And do not forget to never pick up dead fish off the beach!

It's possible that Hurricane Irma had something to do with the latest red tide. If interested, contact Code Enforcement at 941-708-5804 ext. They come here and they're like, 'Oh my goodness, what's this smell?

The congressman turned to Mote recently for independent, objective expertise and science-based information as he championed the bipartisan effort for this critical appropriation that should help the USA government take its rightful place in support of much-needed, improved red tide research and mitigation efforts at state and local levels. "Do you have 15 minutes to spare for our beaches and wildlife?" This is accomplished through extensive partnership efforts in monitoring, public information and education.

The "Red Tide" now affecting Florida's coast is spreading as it kills marine life from fish and manatees, to turtles and even seabirds. The most conspicuous effects of these kinds of red tides are wildlife deaths as well as the health risks to humans.

It has shown up in very low concentrations at the southern tip of Pinellas County, and according to FWC, there is some good news. This would help to lessen the negative economic impact to these growers if there is red tide in the general vicinity but no toxin in their shellfish.

Yes, but dont let Fido play with any dead fish or foam on the beach, and give him a thorough rinse with freshwater when hes done — before he gets in your auto, not after. If you want to eat a fish you caught yourself, be careful. "And I wouldn't swim in the water where there's dead, decaying fish because there's bacteria in the water", he added.

Red tide kills sea turtles, thousands of fish on Gulf Coast