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Look to the Skies This Weekend for a Colorado Meteor Shower

11 August 2018

You may want to stay up late next weekend as the Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak.

The August 2018 Perseid Meteor Shower is visible every night for about two weeks before and after its peak which occurs on the night of August 12th until dawn on August 13th.

Last year, the meteor shower was more hard to see, as the moon was three quarters full.

Get excited space fans, there's a stunning meteor shower expected in Dubai later this month. However, the meteors can appear anywhere in the sky.

Usually, on these peak nights it will produce 60-70 meteors an hour, but in bursts the rate can go up to 200 an hour.

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These bits of ice and dust burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. And this coming week we'll see what many astronomers consider the very best of all meteor showers - the Perseids.

According to Cook, the moon will be near a new moon, and will be crescent, setting before the Perseid show, underway after midnight.

The meteor shower is already happening nightly and has been since July 17. Lie on your back and look straight up.

They are called the Perseids, because they seem to come from, or radiate from, the constellation Perseus, in the northern sky.

This year is an especially good one for watching the Perseid shower as the moon will be in its least visible phase so its light won't be dominating the sky.

Look to the Skies This Weekend for a Colorado Meteor Shower