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Showtime chief says risk paid off with Sacha Baron Cohen TV show

10 August 2018

Arpaio is best known for illegally detaining Latinos and keeping inmates in brutal jail conditions during his 24-year tenure as Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona. "I may have to say yes", he replied calmly.

Baron Cohen, whose character sported reddish orange hair and a garish floral-print shirt, also told Arpaio he has more than 43 guns.

Cohen's show has been making headlines all over the country in recent weeks because of Cohen's interaction with political figures, like the Georgia house representative who used a racial slur and showed his butt on the show.

Cohen took on the role of OMGWhizzBoyOMG (real name: Ladislas Kekkonen), for the interview segment with Arpaio, who sat down for the interview while OMGWhizzBoyOMG was performing a full case un-boxing of Shopkins season two toys with rares, and a toy review, never seemed to catch on to very blunt hints Cohen was dropping that maybe this was all just joke.

Last month, Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer resigned after being seen yelling racial slurs and dropping his trousers on the show after being told by one of Cohen's personas that it would intimidate terrorists.

I'm dying to bring it back.

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"Delicious Donut, you have to understand that you have to follow the Constitution and the law and allow people to have guns", Arpaio said.

Cohen offered D'lish Donut's reply: "But I want the guns to be taken back because they are risky!"

"The bad guys are going to get their guns", Arpaio said. "It's gonna kill you", he said, pointing his finger at D'lish Donut.

Cohen also asked Arpaio about his relationship with Trump, drawing him into an off-color discussion of his loyalty to the president. "I'm hoping somebody else in there has a gun that will shoot that person before he kills you".

Showtime kept the first season a secret for almost a year as Cohen and crew worked on it, and then maintained another week of silence between announcing the series and surprise dropping it in July.

"I'm kind of disappointed I fell for their trap", the 86-year-old told the Arizona Republic at the time. "Investigate every media outlet to see what stories they write?"

Showtime chief says risk paid off with Sacha Baron Cohen TV show