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Indonesia natural disaster: Lombok rocked by third tremor in a week

10 August 2018

That's nothing. The let's-festoon-everything-with-glee impulse got Facebook into trouble this week: it pulled the animated confetti-and-balloons shtick on posts from people reporting that they had survived a 6.9 magnitude natural disaster that killed at least 259 people and left some 150K homeless on the Indonesian island of Lombok on Sunday.

A magnitude-6.2 natural disaster occurred onshore on the northern part of Lombok Island in West Nusa Tenggara on Thursday afternoon (09/08), while the search for victims of Sunday's deadly quake continues.

According to Indonesia's geological agency, Thursday's quake had a magnitude of 6.2 and was shallow, striking at a depth of just 12 kilometres.

A man inspects the ruins of houses at a village affected by Sunday's natural disaster in Kayangan, Lombok Island, Indonesia.

The death toll for the earthquakes is believed to have topped 300, with the latest 5.8 magnitude quake further damaging buildings and causing panic.

In Kopang Daya village in the hard-hit Tanjung district of north Lombok, a distraught family was burying their 13-year-old daughter who was struck by a collapsing wall and then trampled when the quake Sunday caused a stampede at her Islamic boarding school.

Almost 2,500 people have been hospitalized with serious injuries and more than 156,000 people are displaced due to the extensive damage to homes.

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Despite the mammoth recovery efforts ahead, Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency said Wednesday that global aid was not yet needed. Some villages have collapsed entirely.

Evacuees in some encampments say they are running out of food, while others are suffering psychological trauma after the powerful quake.

"We have no clean water, so if we want to go to the toilet we use a small river nearby", he said, adding they needed food, bedding and medicine.

Thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed in Sunday's quake and more than 150,000 people are homeless.

Across much of the island, a popular tourist destination, once-bustling villages have been turned into virtual ghost towns.

One aid agency, Yayasan Plan International Indonesia, has warned that thousands of children have been left homeless, forced to sleep in open fields without warm clothing or blankets. "Overnight the children are cold, they don't have blankets or proper clothing to keep warm", said Hana Yulia, an emergency response worker from the group now in Lombok.

Indonesia natural disaster: Lombok rocked by third tremor in a week