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Google Doodle Honours Georges Lemaitre- The Man Behind Big Bang Theory

19 July 2018

Google has paid tribute to the Belgian priest who proposed what is now known as the Big Bang theory.

The Google Doodle on Tuesday that marks Lemaitre's 124th birth anniversary depicts the cosmologist within the constantly expanding universe that he first envisioned, surrounded by galaxies expanding outward just as he said they would.

He was also an alumnus of the University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge where he arrived and grows up as an acquaintance with the findings of American astronomers Edwin Hubble and Harlow Shelpey.

He became the professor of astrophysics at the Catholic University of Leuven In 1927.

Georges Lemaitre started studying to be a civil engineering however his education was interrupted when he went to serve as an artillery officer in the Belgian army for the duration of World War I, at the end of which he received the Military Cross with palms.

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Google doodle dedicated to Belgian astronomer Georges Lemaitre. Subsequently, he kept preparing to be a Catholic priest and got ordained in 1923.

His theory of an expanding universe was put forward in a 1927 paper, which was published in 1929.

Lemaitre first became popular after publishing his report, which stated that the universe was in a constant state of expansion.

The theory, which has now been widely accepted, first appeared in 1931 in one of Lemaître's academic papers and at that time there was a significant break from the conservative. Hubble further studied the theory of the Big Bang, which led to a new branch of science called relative cosmology.

Lemaitre described the beginning of the universe as a "burst of fireworks", and believed that the big bang was the beginning of time, taking place on a 'day without yesterday.' While Lemaitre sadly passed away in 1966, many scientists still base their research on his theory, and his legacy lives on.

Google Doodle Honours Georges Lemaitre- The Man Behind Big Bang Theory