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Google Assistant now gives you a personalized 'snapshot' of your day

18 July 2018

All Android users capable of using Google Now, that is to say. Some parts were relegated to an "upcoming" tab in Google Feed and others scrapped altogether.

As you'd expect, the data will vary based on the time of day, where you are and your recent history with Assistant.

Google just announced that it will roll out a new visual feed of your day within Google Assistant and is calling it a ‘visual snapshot.

While it looks a bit different from how Google Now looked back in the day, it has a lot of the same information.

Google Assistant’s new visual snapshot will give you a rundown of your entire day
Google Assistant gets more helpful

The overviews are updated throughout the day, and you can check for updates by tapping the new icon located in the top right corner of Assistant, which looks like an empty blue inbox.

Google Assistant will now pull together curated personal information, like flight times, restaurant reservations, scheduled meetings, expected package deliveries, reminders and more, and lay them out in a single overview you can scroll through. It's not a radical departure for Google, especially if you're used to receiving "leave now" notifications and similar alerts, but the consolidation could prove supremely helpful for those days where the sheer number of tasks proves overwhelming. Now, your Google Assistant is more of an assistant than ever.

The Google Assistant can also send proactive notifications on your phone to remind you of important upcoming events.

These "snapshots" of your day will also be integrated with notes and lists you jot down on Google Keep, Any.do, Bring!, Todoist and other third-party apps. The update is now live and should hit all Android and iOS devices shortly.

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Google Assistant now gives you a personalized 'snapshot' of your day