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Trump Says He Expects to 'Get Along' With Putin at Summit

13 July 2018

"Trump's performance was beyond belief".

Trump suggests he forced a great shift in the space of the past two days.

"This is very confusing", another senior European diplomat said.

He also said meeting the queen would be an experience Trump "will really cherish". "We're still in the process of analyzing it".

". It is up to President Trump to hold Putin accountable for his actions during the meeting in Helsinki".

Another NATO diplomat said Trump trampled on protocol by pointing at some leaders he said were not spending enough and addressing Merkel by her first name, referring to her as "you, Angela".

House Speaker Paul Ryan said that he subscribes "to the view that we should not be criticizing our president while he is overseas, but let me say a couple of things".

Trump had taken an aggressive tone during the summit, questioning the value of an alliance that has defined decades of American foreign policy, torching an ally and proposing a massive increase in European defence spending. Trump tweeted on Thursday morning before the second day of talks.

Mr Trump has been pressing member countries to spend more on defence, accusing them of passing the burden on to the US.

"That's other people that do that", Trump replied.

It was only last month that after a disastrous G-7 summit, Trump signed a joint communiqué with other allies and then changed his mind while flying home.

As well as Merkel, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Charles Michel, the prime minister of Belgium, were also singled out by Trump for undershooting on their spending targets when USA taxpayers, funding a defence budget worth about 3.6 percent of their national income, foot much of NATO's bills.

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Trump also reiterated his criticisms of Germany - which he said earlier this week was "totally controlled by Russia" because of a deal for a natural gas pipeline.

Trump on Wednesday urged members of the alliance to meet their commitment of at least 2 percent of their gross domestic products by 2024, and eventually 4 percent. The target date to get military spending to 2% is 2024. I would say Brexit is Brexit.

"I believe through strength you get peace", he said. "No doubt was cast on the credibility of Article 5".

But as the source said, each time Trump was hearing messages he didn't like, he ostensibly spoke to his delegation, ignoring the speaker and even turning his back on him.

"She has allowed in a lot of immigrants". "He attacks Germany for making a deal with Russian Federation - on his way to make a deal with Russian Federation". "Some will make this a big issue", the source added.

"They are going to up it to levels like they have never thought it before", the president said.

According to German press agency DPA, Trump said that unless the Allies immediately increase their defence budgets to the 2% of GDP target, the United States will "do its own thing".

Then, in a head-snapping pivot at the end, he declared the alliance a "fine-tuned machine" that had acceded to his demands to speed up increases in military spending to relieve pressure on the USA budget. "We have a ways to go, but the good news is that we have started".

The unexpected demand from Trump during a closed-door meeting of heads of state laid down a new, virtually unachievable marker for a peacetime military spending in an alliance already struggling to meet current defense spending commitments.

"The summit should send a strong signal to Putin, and not show strong differences between allies". Are we leading in different opportunities?

"But we're not anxious about it".

But the source added that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation unity is essential as well, saying it will only "increase the President's negotiating leverage" with Putin.

Trump Says He Expects to 'Get Along' With Putin at Summit