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Hurricane Chris still speeding, now a Category 2 storm

13 July 2018

The storm, though, is still expected to send swells on the North Carolina coast as well as the mid-Atlantic, the network said. Chris continues to accelerate into the northern open Atlantic away from the USA east coast.

"In 2014, ex-hurricane Bertha brought a wet and windy August, but the next month ex-hurricane Cristobal flipped the switch to a hot and sunny September".

By late week, Chris will bring heavy rain and gusty winds to portions of Atlantic Canada.

Ms Thornton said the fate of the weather depends on the position of the jet stream - the winds blowing from west to east in the upper atmosphere.

You can catch the forecast on ABC 27 News starting at 5:00 each weekday morning, as well as ABC 27 News at Noon.

Well, a shift to more changeable weather and at long last some rain, probably by Monday. The monsoon rain will continue, with some areas possibly seeing more than 4 inches of rain through the rest of the week.

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Meteorologist Aidan McGivern, speaking in a Met Office Facebook post, said: 'Developments on the other side of the pond could very well disrupt weather patterns in the vicinity of the UK. Maximum sustained winds settled near 100 miles per hour, and the storm was not expected to gain strength the rest of today. Other than some rough seas along the East Coast, it poses no threat to the U.S., the National Hurricane Center said.

Chris is expected to continue to weaken over the next few days.

It has been another dry day in Middle Georgia mainly thanks to (now) Hurricane Chris.

"Significant wave heights could reach near 10 metres over offshore waters near the track of Chris as it moves through the Canadian marine district", added CHC.

Earliest arrival time of Tropical-Storm-force winds as of July 11, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

Hurricane Chris still speeding, now a Category 2 storm