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Here’s the heartwarming story of why the Gboard Morse Code option exists

13 July 2018

Morse code is a common communication system that uses dots and dashes, enabling individuals to rapidly convey information both visually and audibly.

The project was developed in collaboration with Tania Finlayson, an assistive tech developer with cerebral palsy. Finlayson uses a machine that she can control with head movements to communicate through Morse code. Now, Gboard for iOS supports Morse code.

In addition, Google has launched its own free game to train anyone in communicating with Morse code.

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Morse code in Gboard will still fill the keyboard area when it is activated, bringing up a pair of buttons: one for dash, and one for dot.

Fast-forward and Finlayson has partnered with Google to help bring Morse code to the company's mobile keyboard. Finlayson helped Google's team design the keyboard layout and more. The web giant is also rolling out some improvements to the feature on Android.

Have you tried out the Morse code feature in Gboard for Android? You can also enable the Allow Full Access option to let the Gboard app offer you suggestions based on your typing patterns. For this, tap the globe icon and then go to Settings Languages Add language. and now search for Morse Code (US) to add it as an input method to your Gboard. "Now, if anyone wants to try Morse code, they can use the phone in their pocket". The study was led by Al Ross, who wrote a grant funding the creation of a Morse code communicator for disabled children. In her blog post on the matter, she explains how learning Morse Code changed her life, and how she's developed multiple ways to integrate Morse Code into other aspects of her life.

Here’s the heartwarming story of why the Gboard Morse Code option exists