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Main » Ford government 'declaring war on the modern world', says Schreiner

Ford government 'declaring war on the modern world', says Schreiner

13 July 2018

The money was to be paid out from revenues of the cap-and-trade system, which Ford began dismantling nearly immediately after taking office, as he had promised to do.

"In a time of global turmoil and change, maintaining and strengthening the bond between the people and their public representatives must always be top of mind for us all". Dropping the emissions pricing was a major campaign issue for premier Doug Ford, who had vowed it would be his first act after taking power as part of an effort to trim 10 cents per litre from gas prices.

"I suspect this isn't just a new government finding its feet, this is the style of this government", Mr. Tabuns said.

The new provincial government will be one for the people, with an emphasis on trusting the taxpayer, the throne speech said.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has made good on another election promise. "We are ending the deadlocked strike at York University so students can get back to school".

Smith said the Tories will also cancel the White Pines Wind Project in eastern Ontario.

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And he made clear that he did not approve of the softer stance the PM has been advocating despite fury from many Tory MPs. The 20-foot high blimp depicts the USA leader as an angry infant wearing a nappy and clutching a mobile phone.

A local group, the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, opposed the project, saying it believed it would be detrimental to the "unique historical, agricultural, cultural and rural character" of the region.

"You can count on your government to respect the men and women of Ontairo's Police Services by freeing them from onerous restrictions that treat those in uniform as suspects of suspicion and scorn", the speech says. "That's last century. I think it's an insult to students today that are growing up in a world that's completely different".

EXPANDING BEER AND WINE SALES: The Tories said they would trust adults to make responsible choices and allow consumers to buy beer and wine in convenience stores, grocery stores and big-box stores.

Lisa Thompson says ministry staff are working to inform school boards of the decision to revert to the curriculum that was in place before 2015. "I was told I wasn't welcome".

Tabuns said it's unlikely the NDP will support any of the bills the government will put forward during the short session including back-to-work legislation to end the York strike and repealing cap-and-trade laws.

Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner, the first member of his party to be elected to serve in Ontario's legislature, said he would have liked to have seen a plan to address climate change.

Ford government 'declaring war on the modern world', says Schreiner