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Coming up: Partial solar eclipse on Friday the 13th

13 July 2018

The first solar eclipse happened at the beginning of the year on January 31. The partial eclipse was seen only in parts of Australia and New Zealand as it took place nearly entirely over open waters of Antartica.

The world, today, will witness one of the breathtaking visuals of a partial solar eclipse.

In a partial solar eclipse, some part of the moon casts a shadow on the sun's surface.

Who can see the partial solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse has not fallen on a Friday the 13th since December 1974.

Can the partial solar eclipse be visible from India?

It is not advisable to look at the sun during the solar eclipse with naked eyes since the sunlight is not totally cut during the time.

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According to experts the intake of food, do's and dont's during an eclipse differ too.

The solar event has brought even more superstition to the already unlucky day, as prominent U.S. evangelist and pastor Paul Begley took to YouTube to claim that "demonic forces" may be at play today.

Researchers say the eclipse is important because it will enable astronomers to study the outer realm of the Sun, known as the corona. In amatter of fact one should also avoid cooking at this point of time. This time around the eclipse is just for an hour, so it should not be so hard to fast. The total lunar eclipse would last for one hour and 43 minutes while partial eclipses, which would precede and follow the total eclipse, would last more than an hour.

Another historical association with the unlucky date is that King Philip of France arrested hundreds of Knights Templar on Friday, October 13, 1307. Many people belive that this hour of Solar eclipse should be utilized to medidate.

When the two line up just right, the Moon obscures the entire Sun, and the skies go dark. The next partial solar eclipse will take place on August 11 this year. The blood moon is estimated to last over 100 minutes and is expected to cast a larger shadow over the Earth than previously recorded moons.

Speaking to his more than 250,000 followers Mr Begley said: "Coming up this Friday the 13th will be a partial solar eclipse".

Coming up: Partial solar eclipse on Friday the 13th