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Blast rocks fuel tanks near Cairo airport (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

13 July 2018

Egypt's Marsd News reported that the explosion occurred in the airport's main fuel tank, accounting for the size and intensity of the blast, but it appears the blast may have actually occurred at a fuel depot just outside the airport. The blast was loud enough for residents across the Egyptian capital to hear it and photos already show a huge cloud of smoke rising from the site that one can see from many blocks away.

There has been an explosion near Cairo International Airport in Egypt.

The Minister of Civil aviation issued an official statement in which he said that the incident did, indeed, occur outside of the airport, at a fuel tanker, near the Joseph Tito axe, and that all flights were resuming as scheduled. Eyewitnesses report that the explosion was not inside the airport.

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The area was cordoned off by a strong police presence, according to an AFP correspondent on site, who said fire engines and emergency vehicles were sent to fight the flames and help the wounded.

"Due to high temperatures, an explosion happened at a petrochemicals storage belonging to the Heliopolis for Chemical Industries", said Colonel Tamer al-Rifai, the military spokesman, in a social media posting.

The incident will further heighten tensions in the country, with the airport the scene of a terror attack which claimed the lives of all 224 passengers on board Metrojet Flight 9268 in 2015, which an investigation suggested was the result of a bomb smuggled on board.

Blast rocks fuel tanks near Cairo airport (PHOTOS, VIDEO)