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Artist paints over LeBron James mural after vandalized

13 July 2018

It sounds simple, but that's what we've heard all along-that going to L.A. just aligned with what LeBron wanted personally.

Muralist Jonas Never and graffiti artist Fernando Valdez spent 12 hours over two days creating a mural of LeBron James on the wall of a Venice, Calif., barbecue restaurant after the National Basketball Association megastar signed with the Lakers in free agency.

"I thought I had learned a long time ago to never touch religion or politics", Never, who painted the mural with graffiti specialist Fernando Valdez five days after the James news broke, told ESPN.

"I think it was a necessary chapter for his growth and winning those titles, winning the Finals MVP, the validation that he has openly and admirably expressed he needed to help him as a person and learn that it... doesn't fix you on the inside". 'I guess it is never touch religion, politics or anyone against Kobe'.

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Never removed the comments from the mural, even taking out the word "of".

"I got a ton of support", Never said.

"I'm not convinced that the Warriors was the final chapter for Kevin Durant", Nichols said. "The first vandalism was made easier to swallow because, by all accounts from the Twitter debate [over it] that we saw, it looked like a guy offered up a $300 bounty to anyone who destroyed the mural".

It'll be much more hard for James to contend for a championship this season, as the Golden State Warriors have ruled the Western Conference for four straight years, but his decision to sign with the Lakers this summer wasn't a knee-jerk move by any means. "I can't see anyone getting mad about the whole team", Never said of his next Lakers mural.

Artist paints over LeBron James mural after vandalized