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Ancient tomb discovered on construction site

13 July 2018

While the tomb likely belonged to a noble man, not a king, its discovery gave hope to experts who believe that the tomb of Alexander might one day be found in modern Alexandria, which is built on top of ancient city he founded. Experts are assuming it represents whoever is buried in the sarcophagus, though that's yet to be confirmed.

It was discovered in the ancient city of Alexandria and a layer of mortar between the lid and the body of the sarcophagus is evidence that it has not been opened since it was closed more than 2000 years ago.

The tomb, which is believed to date to the Ptolemaic period, running roughly from 305 30 B.C., was found about 16 feet below ground during archaeological excavations ahead of construction of a new building, Smithsonian said.

The next step is for researchers to find out what is inside the coffin without damaging it. It could nearly be the start of a new Indiana Jones film.

For many years, archeologists had largely ignored Alexandria, according to Smithsonian.

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Egypt holds a vast and mysterious trove of history which has interesting stories to tell. But a sarcophagus of this size could mean someone of pretty high status.

He further remarked that if they can not lift it due to its heavy weight, the area below and surrounding the sarcophagus will be dug, then, its cover will be lifted first followed by its body, referring that the latest scientific means will be used in this process in the presence of the Ministry of Antiquities' experts.

Then in April, a rare Greco-Roman temple was found.

Remember how you watched the 1994 Roland Emmerich film Stargate one million times before you turned twelve and it permanently poisoned your brain so that you now immediately associate anything ancient Egypt-related with aliens? No?

Ancient tomb discovered on construction site