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Samira has quit the Love Island villa

12 July 2018

When Laura returns to the villa after her date on tonight's episode, she heads straight to Jack to and asks to speak to him.

We spent the whole time talking about you, to be honest.

The 22-year-old had got into trouble with Laura, 29, for kissing Georgia Steel on his date, and the pair had only just reconciled.

She admits to be being "really annoyed" but Jack tells her: "Don't overthink it, it's just a date".

"I just don't want to look like a mug".

"The facts are, I ended up kissing her on the lips, I have never denied that. Bmt, I say we boycott #LoveIsIand until the release the footage of the kiss". "She is such a diamond", another wrote, while a third added: "She desperately needs you, I reckon she will walk!"

Meanwhile, Idris tells some of the other boys that in his opinion, new Jack went in for the kiss.

Jack, however, thinks Idris has a game plan to steal Laura away.

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In the Beach Hut, Laura says: "Jack has never changed his story..."

It leaves Jack with no option but to confront Idris about why he told Laura that Jack wanted to kiss Georgia.

"They told me at least five people a day try to access that villa - but so far no-one has got in".

Idris says: "Who said that?"

"With Laura I've been squashing it, trying to progress with it and then you've come in here and you've started chatting rubbish", Jack raged.

The brief smooch between Jack and Georgia has led to ructions in the villa and has caused consternation among followers at home for another reason.

"You seem so respectful and you seem like such a gentleman and that is really what I'm looking for". I'm really happy that I'm doing this and I feel really strong. I think the best thing for me to get closure on the Frankie situation and for me to be happy is to go today. She said 'I'm just real and if I do get along with you better than I get along with Sam maybe...' but it's early days.

Love Island airs at 9:30pm tonight on ITV2.

Samira has quit the Love Island villa