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Roy Keane summed up England's World Cup exit with one, brutal sentence

12 July 2018

Mario Mandzukic's extra-time goal saw off England in heart-breaking fashion.

England are not making the final - they have a 3rd place playoff on Saturday - but Keane will, back on punditry duty this Sunday afternoon.

Ultimately accusing them of not showing enough quality, Keane believed the inexperience of their players, and a lack of trophies won by the players in their club careers, told throughout: 'It was a step too far for them'.

Football pundits and former global players Roy Keane and Ian Wright went head-to-head in an amusing live on-air debate, after England's exit to Croatia in the World Cup semi-final.

'I know England may have thought it was a bit tongue and cheek a few weeks ago, but you've got to focus on just one game at a time.

The Arsenal legend then decides to joke with his former United rival, appearing to forget his words.

Stones is very comfortable on the ball, but you've got to have the art of defending, and I always talk about players smelling danger. "We were just having a laugh with you", Wright said in his famous London accent.

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"I don't mind you being happy, but you were planning the final, where the parades were. We were happy! Why can't we get excited?" You needed a reality check.

What follows is a furious slanging match as a raging Keane takes on the 54-year-old.

Following England's heartbreaking loss to Croatia after extra time in the semi-finals of the epic footballing tournament that has been Russian Federation 2018, the pair got into a right old ding-dong in the TV studio.

And viewers on Twitter were quick to react to the on-air brawl.

One said: "Roy Keane vs Ian Wright".

Another added: "Keane and Ian Wright can't stand each other". The latest JOE World Cup Minipod hosted by Dion Fanning and Paddy McKenna is here.

Roy Keane summed up England's World Cup exit with one, brutal sentence