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Panthers pass on 2018 supplemental draft class

12 July 2018

For starters, the Lions have already used next year's third-round pick as part of the trade to move up and select Da'Shawn Hand. In 2003, they selected RB Tony Hollings out of Georgia Tech in the 2nd round.

And you thought Chiefs were finished with the NFL Draft.

Despite being high in the draft order, the Broncos were awarded no players.

The San Francisco 49ers decided against adding players in Wednesday's supplemental draft, allowing them to keep their selections in the traditional 2019 NFL Draft. He entered the supplemental draft after being ruled academically ineligible for what would have been his senior season. Both are in the supplemental draft because of academic ineligibility, which is a flag in and of itself. Since then, he has received multiple suspensions for marijuana use in the NFL. In fact, this is the most loaded supplemental draft in recent memory.

One thing to know about the Supplemental Draft is that it is not executed in the same way as the regular draft.

With a third round pick, the New York Giants selected Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal. Longtime Steelers corner William Gay, 33, was signed this offseason, as were other free agent veterans Teddy Williams, Curtis Riley and B.W. Webb. But, he's not just an athlete. He also had solid balls skills as well and solid instincts. His sophomore year he collected eight pass breakups. In three years at Western Michigan, he garnered 65 tackles, two interceptions and a forced fumble.

Three of the five players in the supplemental draft are defensive backs. Unfortunately, he was a little behind on credits and was facing ineligibility. He wouldn't hear from the NCAA until right before the season started.

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The Cleveland Browns have had some success in the supplemental draft.

Why should the Houston Texans target him?

There are still times when his eyes can get caught in the backfield a bit too long, causing him to lose his man in coverage. Johnathan Joseph is on his last legs. Prior to this week, only one player - former Rams fifth-rounder Isaiah Battle - had been picked since Gordon.

Teams are separated into tiers based on last season, and each round is a lottery of sorts. The Texans are in the first tier since they only won four games in 2017.

Over the course of the Vikings franchise history, they have only acquired one player. If no other team bids a second-round pick, that team gets the player. He sets his board and adheres to it no matter what, getting the absolute best players he can.

Farrell's take: Despite just two in-state offers, we liked Bryant a lot and made him a high three-star because he had size, was filled out and liked to hit.

There have been some talented players acquired in this process over the years.

As a sophomore, the Charlotte native logged seven passes defensed and two interceptions. For Washington, which had depth concerns outside, the risk in forfeiting next year's sixth-rounder was worth it in their minds.

Panthers pass on 2018 supplemental draft class