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U.S. to list tariffs on another US$200 billion of Chinese products

11 July 2018

Chinese officials are expected to retaliate in other ways, hitting USA firms in China with unplanned inspections, delays in approving financial transactions and other administrative headaches.

The Commerce Ministry said Tuesday that optical fiber preforms from the United States will face additional duties of 37.9 to 78.2 percent for five years.

All told, Trump has threatened eventually to slap tariffs on up to $550 billion in Chinese imports - more than China actually exported to the United States past year - if Beijing won't relent to USA pressure and continues to retaliate.

The move came just days after the administration levied its previous tariffs package, valued at around $34 billion, against Chinese imports.

The Trump administration is preparing to impose tariffs on $200-billion more in Chinese goods, a move that would ratchet up an already bloody trade war between the world's two largest economies.

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Harborn said other European companies are "scrambling to readjust supply chains" so that goods bound for the United States don't pass through China.

The US has ramped up its trade war with China, outlining a list of $200bn (£150bn) worth of additional products it plans to place tariffs on.

The US Trade Representative office will hold hearings on the targeted products and it's expected it will take about two months to finalize the list, at which point Mr Trump would decide whether to go ahead with the tariffs. Imposing taxes on another $200 billion worth of products will raise the costs of every day goods for American families, farmers, ranchers, workers, and job creators.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said there was "no justification" for China's retaliation. China quickly responded by imposing tariffs on $34 billion in USA products.

The President, who blames China and other developing countries for hollowing out the USA manufacturing sector, was elected in large part by promising to bring back factory jobs by going to war with trading partners.

U.S. to list tariffs on another US$200 billion of Chinese products