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Moron Harangues Woman In Park For Wearing Puerto Rico Shirt In America

11 July 2018

Trybus, 62, was charged with simple battery in connection to the June 14 incident, according to an arrest report released Tuesday by the Cook County Forest Preserve Police. She filmed the confrontation on her phone and posted it to Facebook.

He then asks her twice if she is a citizen, which she says she is.

While not a state, Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the USA, and Puerto Ricans are American citizens. "(There are thousands of people in Puerto Rico without power that would beg to differ.) "...

"Officer, I paid for a permit for this area", she also says.

"You're not going to change us", Trybus added.

"The United States of America is a nation that was built and thrives on diversity".

"You should not be wearing that in the United States of America", the man tells her. "Now that I see what's going on, at no time was he going to attack you, he's just a big mouth", Connor says. While the group complied, the drunk man approached her. A 2017 Morning Consult poll of 2,200 U.S. adults found that 46 percent didn't know that people born in Puerto Rico are citizens. When the brother gets in the man's way and stops him from coming back toward Irizarry, the officer then appears to get involved and warns the brother.

The Forest Preserves, which Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach for comment, tweeted that the officer had been reassigned to desk duty until an investigation is complete, and that the intoxicated man had been arrested for disorderly conduct and assault.

The threatening man, who was clearly clueless that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, harangued the woman as a park police officer nearby did nothing - even though the woman repeatedly asked him for help.

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Finally, multiple police cars pull up, responding to a separate incident, and a female officer informs the man he's intoxicated.

"Then you should not be wearing that".

A woman in the USA was subjected to harassment at the hands of a police officer for wearing a shirt with a Puerto Rican flag at the IL based, Forest Preserves of Cook County, CNN reported. "Can you please grab him?" to which he turns his head and walks in the opposite direction.

Irizarry said on Facebook that she had rented out a pavilion at the forest preserve for a birthday party when she and her family and friends were accosted by the unidentified man.

O'Connor has been assigned to desk duty while his actions are investigated.

"You don't come here harassing people", the officer says. She said the group politely complied but her Puerto Rico shirt appeared to act as a trigger to the man.

'People have just as much right to be here as you do, ' she can be heard telling him in the clip.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello tweeted several times Monday night about the video, calling the incident "undignified".

He was referring, of course, to President Trump's visit to a hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico in October, in which he tossed rolls of towels into the crowd as if they were basketballs.

Moron Harangues Woman In Park For Wearing Puerto Rico Shirt In America