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UK Government On Verge Of Collapse Days Before Trump's Visit

10 July 2018

Some euroskeptic lawmakers dream of replacing May with a staunch Brexiteer, such as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who in the past has disagreed publicly with his boss.

Boris Johnson (file) in March.

Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt, the longest-serving health secretary in history, according to The Guardian, is the U.K's new foreign secretary, taking over from Boris Johnson who abruptly resigned Monday morning.

May's proposals for a future European Union relationship after Britain departs from the bloc next March had taken two years of internal government wrangling to agree, but within 48 hours Johnson and Davis had resigned saying they could not back the plans.

Theresa May appointed Dominic Raab, the housing minister, to the post after David Davis quit.

Even before Johnson quit, Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn had said the Cabinet's discord over May's Brexit plan showed she was "incapable of delivering" a workable plan and should step down.

Theresa May will fight any attempt to unseat her through a vote of no confidence by Conservative MPs, Downing Street has said.

Under Conservative Party rules, a leadership race could be triggered if at least 48 of her MPs declared their support for one.

Loud applause could be heard at the end of the 1922 Committee meeting, which the PM attended for just over an hour. Calling the Chequers deal an "opening bid" in talks with the European Union, he said he is anxious about the potential for "further concessions on immigration, or that we might end up effectively paying for access to the single market".

Mr Johnson does not pull any punches, saying Brexit "should be about opportunity and hope" and a "chance to do things differently", but "that dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt".

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Less than nine months remain until Britain leaves the bloc on March 29, 2019, and the European Union has warned Britain repeatedly that time is running out to seal a divorce deal.

May came out decisively in favor of a "soft Brexit", a divorce that would keep the United Kingdom subject to numerous agreements and contracts that govern the E.U., including a single customs union and a single market for goods.

On Friday, May's cabinet met at the prime minister's country house and agreed on a strategy called Chequers.

An agreement was announced after the 12-hour meeting, but many Brexiteers have been unhappy with the deal which they think will lead to the "worst of both worlds".

Why did David Davis resign?

"It seems to me we're giving too much away, too easily, and that's a unsafe strategy at this time", Davis said in a BBC radio interview Monday morning.

The resignation comes less than a day after Brexit Secretary David Davis and his junior minister Steve Baker stepped down.

Prime Minister Theresa May has defended her Brexit plans.

The value of the British pound dropped on worldwide markets after Johnson's announcement, having risen after the announcement Friday that a Cabinet deal on Brexit had been agreed.

UK Government On Verge Of Collapse Days Before Trump's Visit