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Man Utd, Leicester To Open New Premier League Season

10 July 2018

No figure was announced for the Amazon rights buy but it was released that BT will pay £90 million over three years for the final United Kingdom package of 20 live and exclusive mid-week games each season.

It poached Robert Hutton, the chief executive of Eurosport, in a bid to increase its sports portfolio.

Facebook saw an opportunity since Sony Pictures failed to renew their deal this year. However, Sony felt that there was no business sense in renewing the deal which allowed Facebook to jump in and close the deal.

As previously mentioned, this isn't the first time that Facebook has clinched rights to livestream sports.

Air India changes Taiwan to Chinese Taipei
Air India , India's national carrier, recently changed the designation of " Taiwan " to " Chinese Taipei " on its website. China considers Taiwan, an island which has been independent since 1950, as one of its rebel parts.

Amazon secured the rights to live Premier League matches last month as the competition for Premier League action grows. Facebook's acquisition spree doesn't end here as the company is in talks with Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo for an exclusive reality show worth $10 million.

Facebook is now limited to streaming Major League Baseball, College Basketball and occasional Champions League games in the USA in a partnership with Fox Sports.

It leaves Premier League clubs with little choice but to gamble by waiting for a specific player in the hope of negotiating a deal during a limited time frame or bite the bullet and find an alternative option while they still have the time.

Man Utd, Leicester To Open New Premier League Season