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Teen Arrested for Provocative Dance

09 July 2018

Though the original account was shut down, her videos were posted online by other accounts with several thousand followers each.

Following her arrest, Hojbari was reportedly broadcast on Iranian state TV on Friday, "confessing" to acting immorally and saying her only intention was to gain a larger following.

Iran has arrested a number of people for posting videos on Instagram, including a young woman whose targeting for her clips of her dancing to music has prompted outrage.

In another video, she talked about the history of parkour, an outdoor sport popular in Iran, especially among women who practise it while wearing the headscarf.

One Twitter user wrote: "I'm dancing so that they [the authorities] see and know that they can not take away our happiness and hope by arresting teenagers and (girls like) Maedeh".

According to AP, it was unclear whether her statement was made under duress.

According to Masih Alinejad, an Iranian activist, Hojabri was later released on bail.

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The news caused outrage across social media, notably among numerous Iranian diaspora.

The teenager, however, was detained by the Iranian police for those same videos.

In an Instagram post, activist Hossein Ronaghi commented: "If you told people anywhere in the world that 17 and 18-year-old girls are arrested for their dance, happiness and beauty on charges of spreading indecency, while child rapists and others are free, they would laugh!"

The judiciary is also considering blocking access to the site, just as has been done with Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites and apps.

Iran's judiciary and security forces are dominated by hard-liners who launch periodic crackdowns on behaviour deemed un-Islamic.

In 2014, six Iranians, three men and three unveiled women, received suspended sentences of one year imprisonment and 91 lashes for a video that showed them dancing on Tehran's rooftops to Pharrell William's song "Happy".

Teen Arrested for Provocative Dance