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Gulls in Dorset, Devon and Somerset showing signs of drunkenness

09 July 2018

Dozens of drunk seagulls have been found on beaches in Southwest England after scavenging alcohol, according to news reports.

In one of the centers in the West under the Hatch Taunton, Somerset, for two weeks, found nearly 30 birds drunk, smelling of alcohol, reports the with reference on Voice. Since then, many birds with the same symptoms have been treated.

Some of the birds have even died from suspected hangovers and now the RSPCA is urging local breweries to secure their waste for fear of turning anymore seagulls into boozehounds.

The charity described the effect on the birds as similar to how a human would react to excessive alcohol.

The birds have come in from Dawlish, Exeter and Sidmouth in Devon to Bridport and Lyme Regis in Dorset.

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The RSPCA say they've had several call-outs to pick-up these boozy birds, who appear "disoriented, confused and unable to stand".

The vet said: "Sadly, a few of the birds have died but majority have made good recoveries and have been released after a few days in our care".

The animal welfare charity is now concerned that the birds are getting access to waste products from a local brewery or alcohol producer. Can be greedy gulls feeding on waste grain from the brewery in this district.

Several birds who reportedly stunk of alcohol have been brought into multiple RSPCA centers for treatment and were released after a few days of care.

Anyone with concerns for the welfare of a bird or animal can contact the RSPCA's 24-hour helpline on 0300 1234 999 for advice or assistance.

Gulls in Dorset, Devon and Somerset showing signs of drunkenness