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Fortnite: This is When Playground Mode is Leaving

07 July 2018

There's no firm date for Playground's return, but given that the mode's only been online for a few days so far, we're hoping we won't have to wait too long.

Fortnite Playground essentially acts as a training mode, with the LTM letting players practice building and shooting skills away from the battlefield. Playground LTM will go offline on Thursday, June 12.

Fortnite players will only be dropping into Playground mode until July 12.

The Playground mode was a heavily requested feature since Fortnite Battle Royale first gained popularity, allowing players to practice their building without the pressure of a real match.

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Confirmation came on the official Epic Twitch account, plus more details were provided on Reddit's FortniteBR subreddit, where the company said that it is already working on "the next version" of Playground. "And remember, you will have until the release of v5.0 to access your Playground LTM replays". However, it is definitely coming back at some unplanned point in the future, and we know what it will look like when it does.

The Fortnite Playground limited time mode finally got underway for real this week and has managed to run along pretty well since. Now, Epic Games has announced that they will be suspending the popular game mode.

"Eventually, have a folder where people can download maps made by other users". Well, aside from the upcoming Fortnite Playground v2 mode, which promises improvements and changes that will make for even more fun.

Fortnite: This is When Playground Mode is Leaving