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Love at first flight: Seat swap leads to viral love connection

06 July 2018

In her post, she wrote, "Last night on a flight home, my boyfriend and I asked a woman to switch seats with me so we could sit together".

Seconds later, that exact same thing happened and the world was watching with them as they documented the interactions between the two strangers.

As the story went incredibly viral overnight, the man in the story came forward - none other than Euan Holden, a former Stockport County and Bury midfielder.

When that passenger agreed to switch, Blair joked that maybe her new seat partner could become the love her life.

"She's a very, very lovely girl", he said. Being the health buffs they were, the pair chose to share a cheese protein board and were soon after sharing family photos. So dedicated was she to keeping the growing number of people following the love story updated, she even paid for extra Wi-Fi.

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And then: "Breaking. They just left the bathroom at the same TIME", reads the update a dozen tweets into the flight. "Now both cleaning up trash and helping each other clean their space".

As the flight continued they got more comfortable with each other. The man mentioned that in the past he has been too focused on his fitness to pursue relationships.

And the theory that social media makes your relationships official was only perpetuated when the couple walked off together at the airport.

Upon landing in Dallas, Blair took a photo of the pair walking closely together at the baggage claim area. "In Dallas", Rosey cheered in one video. Coincidence, as we call it, the duo did click really well and according to Rosie something was cooking between them and with her detailed love story thread, Netizens couldn't agree more.

Love at first flight: Seat swap leads to viral love connection