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Using Samsung smartphone? It may be sending your photos to contacts

05 July 2018

There are just some pictures that you don't want your mom, your boss, or your close tjommies to see.

The forums indicate that Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices are affected, but may not be the only ones afflicted with the bug. Some users on the forum are complaining that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are also facing the issue. Affected individuals say their phones have started sending messages to one of their contacts with their full photo gallery.

That person was lucky that the photos were shared with his significant other rather than an acquaintance or business associate.

However, this is still a big privacy issue. Some Samsung devices send their owners' photos to contacts randomly and without trace.

Perhaps most concerning for readers was that these photos didn't appear in "sent items", and the users were only aware their phone sent them when they got a reply. There is a record, however, in T-Mobile logs that the images were sent.

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Currently, the prevailing theory as to what's causing this bug is a weird interaction between Samsung Messages and recent RCS profile updates that have rolled out on some carriers.

However, T-Mobile responded to these complaints by saying that the issue is not at their end. RCS is supposed to improve texting by adding features like group chat, video and GIF support and file and location sharing. But the carrier has stated that it is not an issue with T-Mobile.

"We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it", Samsung told Gizmodo in a statement. According to the The Verge, Samsung is asking users to call the company's helpline if they are facing the problem. A Galaxy Note 8 user indicated the same issue.

The first solution involves going into the phone's "app settings" and turning off Samsung Message's ability to access your storage.

What's odd though is that it does not show the files have been sent. This method will probably make your Samsung Messages app stop working entirely, but there are a bunch of great messaging apps out there, as well as Google's Android Messages app that will work until the situation is resolved.

Using Samsung smartphone? It may be sending your photos to contacts