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Greenpeace attacks French nuclear plant to show that it can be attacked

05 July 2018

Activists of the worldwide non-governmental environmental organization "Greenpeace" explained his actions by a desire to prove that the building of nuclear power plants very vulnerable to external threats.

The group said the stunt was to highlight the lack of security around the facility, adding that "at no time was the drone intercepted or even anxious about".

The drone stunt follows a series of staged break-ins by Greenpeace activists into French nuclear plants, which Greenpeace says are vulnerable to outside attack, especially the spent-fuel pools. Activists voluntarily smashed them against the wall of the spent fuel storage pool next to reactor 2.

The drone was decked out to resemble a tiny Superman, according to a video released today by Greenpeace.

"Spent-fuel pools must be turned into bunkers in order to make nuclear plants safer", said Greenpeace France's chief nuclear campaigner, Yannick Rousselet.

'This action again highlights the extreme vulnerability of [these] types of buildings, which contain the highest amount of radioactivity in nuclear plants, ' Greenpeace said.

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Greenpeace has carried out several actions aimed at highlighting the danger posed by French nuclear plants, which generate the bulk of the country's electricity needs.

EDF insists the spent-fuel pool buildings can withstand natural disasters and accidents.

In 2014 and 2015, drones flew over several French nuclear sites, including the Bugey power station, located about 25 km from Lyon, but actions were not explained at the time.

EDF, the state-controlled company that operates the nuclear sites, said that it plans to file a police complaint over the stunt, according to Reuters.

In October, a group of activists broke into EDF's Cattenom nuclear plant near the border with Luxembourg, breaking through two security barriers and launching fireworks over the plant.

The overflights of power plants by drones are part of the topics raised by the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the safety and security of nuclear facilities, whose highly anticipated report will be presented Thursday.

Greenpeace attacks French nuclear plant to show that it can be attacked