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Comcast is Capping Video on Xifinity Mobile to 480p

05 July 2018

Comcast will also be placing a substantial restriction on the use of cellular hotspots, by replacing 4G hotspot speeds with 3G, 600kbps speeds. That's quick enough for many tasks, but not high-definition video. If you pay for data by the gigabyte, you'll still get full-speed tethering-but you're charged $12 per gig, so that could quickly add up if you're streaming high-quality video over your hotspot connection.

For starters, streaming video on Xfinity Mobile will be capped at 480p, which means that 720p and 1080p video are out of the question - even if you pay extra for unlimited data. The company says its goal is to help their customers keep their data usage under control if they subscribe to the Xfinity Unlimited plan.

Later this year, 720p video over cellular data will be available as a fee-based option with your service.

Comcast XFINITY mobile wireless press event product shoot at the Comcast Center on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Verizon began throttling mobile video to 480p or 720p on smartphones previous year; the system limits the amount of bandwidth available to anything identified as a video.

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What do you think of Xfinity Mobile's changes?

These changes will be rolling out over the coming weeks, according to Comcast. If you're a pay-per-GB customer, though, mobile hotspot speeds will stay at 4G speeds.

But that is not all; for those with the unlimited data option, your hotspot tethering speeds will be reduced to 600 Kbps at all times.

Comcast MVNO Xfiinity Mobile has gotten quite popular with its existing TV and home internet subscribers with hundreds of thousands signing up for this additional wireless service within the first few months of availability. Subscribers of the service are now getting emails from Comcast informing them about the changes, and they have to do with video streaming and mobile hotspot speeds. But with these changes, it's looking less like a steal, and more like the rest of the unlimited data plans on the market - not really unlimited.

Comcast is Capping Video on Xifinity Mobile to 480p