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Thousands march in London over Brexit

25 June 2018

Thousands of pro-EU marchers have begun a walk from Pall Mall to Parliament to demand a referendum on the terms of Brexit two years on from the vote.

The protest is part of a "summer of action" by campaign groups created to increase pressure on Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

Marking the second anniversary of the Brexit vote, an estimated 50,000 protesters, including politicians and lawmakers, joined the People's Vote march to the Parliament Square in London on Saturday, in the hope of stopping Brexit.

With only nine months until Britain is due to leave the European Union on March 29, little is clear about how trade will flow as May, who is grappling with a divided party, is still trying to strike a deal with the bloc.

Airbus, in its Brexit "risk assessment" published on Thursday, said if the United Kingdom left the EU next year without a deal - meaning it left both the single market and customs union immediately and without any agreed transition - it would "lead to severe disruption and interruption of United Kingdom production". "We are in a critical moment in the Brexit discussions.

The younger people in this country, many of whom will be out there marching today, are going to have to live with these decisions", he said.

Both the Conservatives and the main opposition Labour Party oppose holding another Brexit referendum, but the smaller, centrist Liberal Democrats support a new vote.

People's Vote March Crowds.

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Theresa May has been urged by hardline Brexiteers to speed up preparations for a "no-deal" Brexit to put pressure on Brussels during withdrawal negotiations.

Sir Vince is expected to say Brexit is not a "done deal" or inevitable and can be stopped.

Some demonstrators Saturday explained they were not necessarily against Brexit but wanted citizens to have another vote on any final deal that Prime Minister Theresa May negotiates in coming months. Others, including Treasury chief Philip Hammond, want to keep closely aligned to the bloc, Britain's biggest trading partner.

The government is pursuing a so-called 'hard Brexit, ' which would see Britain leave the customs union and single market, which guarantees the free movement of goods within the bloc - but this approach has been criticized by many as ill-thought-out and damaging for business.

Amid the uncertainty, European Union leaders are growing frustrated with what they see as a lack of firm proposals from the U.K about future relations.

Mr Williams said: "In total, Airbus generates 100,000 jobs in the UK". A paper setting out the U.K. government position on future relations, due to be published this month, has been delayed until July because the Cabinet can not agree on a united stance.

His criticism of Airbus, an aeronautical manufacturer which employs 14,000 people.

Thousands march in London over Brexit