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Offline Chrome for Android Lets You Browse Even Without Internet

25 June 2018

Google in its latest update for Chrome browser for Android, has introduced a new feature that will automatically download news articles while connected to a free or un-metered Wi-Fi connection so that the user can view them later. Over on the Google Blog, the company has unveiled a brand new feature for those in India, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, and over 100 additional countries. The downloaded content will be available alongside users' downloaded content, and it will thus be available without an Internet connection.

Google likes to predict what its users might want, from which websites should have video autoplay enabled to the actions you might want to take on your photos, which may sometimes divide users as to whether these features are useful or invasive. One such product is Chrome for Android.

The new offline feature, that has been launched for Chrome for Android users in India and more than 100 other countries including Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil, offers a way to surf the Web even when you're not connected to a constant Internet connection. If users are signed into Chrome, they will get articles that are relevant for them based on their browsing history.

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"It can be frustrating and hard to access the web when you lose connectivity or spend days disconnected". The auto-downloaded pages will appear in the same place (see below). That update also brought a "Download Link" option that made downloading of content easier than its original version.

The relevant articles will be those that are most popular based on your location.

The post doesn't state exactly what sort of "relevant articles" will be automatically downloaded.

Offline Chrome for Android Lets You Browse Even Without Internet