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Hot Dog Water Sold For $38 At Vancouver Street Festival

25 June 2018

The sign in the booth hawked "Hot Dog Water unfiltered" and listed health benefits: Lose weight, increase brain function, look younger, increase vitality. "We have gone through about 60 liters of real hot dog water".

The tent selling unfiltered "Hot Dog Water" - literally a bottle of water with a wiener floating inside - for $37.99 a pop included some promising, if not dubious, claims. He wanted to make them think about how impressive marketing may convince them to do just about anything, including spending almost $40 on used hot dog water.

Douglas Bevans, creator of Hot Dog Water told Global News, "We've created a recipe, having a lot of people put a lot of effort into research and a lot of people with backgrounds in science really creating the best version of Hot Dog Water that we could".

Not only that, but when hot dog water is applied to the skin in the form of lip balm, it would erase crow's feet.

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One man who rubbed the lip balm on his "dome" sent him photos suggesting it promoted hair growth, Bevans said.

If you ever needed proof that people will pay big money for anything deemed "healthy", this is it: An artist in Vancouver sold hot dog water at a recent street festival for $38 a bottle - and people bought it. You see, hot dog water resembles perspiration, so it "bypasses the lymphatic system, whereas other waters have to go through your filtering system", he explained.

Sales of the water were brisk at the Sunday festival, according to Bevans, whose booth also offered accessories, such as Hot Dog Water lip balm and Hot Dog Water breath spray. Bevans eventually revealed the whole thing was a stunt to inspire people to think more critically about health claims in product marketing.

Bevans said he thought of his project as an art performance to create awareness about critical thinking.

Hot Dog Water Sold For $38 At Vancouver Street Festival