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Bethesda Sues Over Westworld Mobile Game

25 June 2018

Bethesda point to similarities in the gameplay of Westworld - a mobile game developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Warner Bros. - noting that the game, like Fallout Shelter, features "cartoonish 2D characters in a 3D environment". Warner included in the lawsuit because they reportedly had a "direct financial interest" in copying Bethesda's game.

Bethesda Softworks has filed a lawsuit against developer Behaviour Interactive and publisher Warner Bros. Billed as an "innovative mobile simulation game", it bears a resemblance to elements of Bethesda's Fallout Shelter, in that you build and expand an underground facility. The lawsuit was recently filed in Maryland, and it accuses Westworld developer Behaviour of using "copyrighted computer code", among other things.

The lawsuit alleges Behaviour Interactive used code from Fallout Shelter to develop a Westworld game for Warner Bros. The big difference is that Fallout Shelter had a post-apocalyptic theme, while Westworld had a western theme.

No statements from either of the involved entities are out in the wild as of the writing of this article, but stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates. Allegedly, Behavior breached its contract with Bethesda - which specifies that Shelter assets belong exclusively to Bethesda - in order to develop the latter game.

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Warner Bros. and Behaviour have yet to respond. It's also suing Warner Bros. for allegedly persuading Behaviour to breach that contract. Bethesda alleges that alongside taking copious amounts of inspiration from its title, Behaviour also reused game assets and code when coming up with a video game adaptation of HBO's hit series. A bug allows for the demo version of Westworld to appear out of focus.

Westworld for iOS and Android is a similar style of management sim, although instead of managing vault dwellers, you are managing your own Westworld park. "Specifically, the view is out-of-focus and the scene that appears is far to the right and below the targeted landscape image", the company writes.

Fallout Shelter is a 2015 game originally made for mobile and later ported to the three major gaming consoles, as well as PC.

Bethesda Sues Over Westworld Mobile Game