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MoviePass will charge extra $2 for every big opening weekend movie

24 June 2018

There are two other changes on the way that will probably be more palatable to MoviePass' customers. At launch, users will be able to add one of these new options to their ticket purchase, but adding both options for the same showing won't be available immediately. But if you've paid for a year's subscription to MoviePass upfront, don't worry: Lowe said these subscribers would not be subjected to the new pricing policy. So, to subscribe to MoviePass would be like paying Spotify's monthly premium, but having to buy Deluxe Editions of your favorite albums because Spotify won't stream those. That's less than MoviePass' one movie per day. For example, you can only see a standard, 2D movie. As the MoviePass subscriber base increases rapidly, and as we increase our investments in movies through MoviePass Ventures and MoviePass Films, and make other acquisitions, our monthly cash deficit will continue to increase in the coming months.

Starting in July, MoviePass will begin charging members "high demand" pricing.

MoviePass' announcement comes as AMC Theatres announced their own monthly subscription plan.

As if seeing a popular movie with MoviePass-where you can't reserve tickets in advance-wasn't stressful enough, it's about to get more expensive, too.

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On Wednesday, AMC Theatres amped up the movie subscription rivalry it has with MoviePass by announcing AMC Stubs A-List, a $20-a-month service that lets you see three movies per week. MoviePass also kicked 10 of AMC's theater locations from the service in January but later reinstated them. He also says that its is created to "make sure that we can continue to offer a valuable service and support the whole enterprise". The new policy doesn't apply to subscribers with annual membership plans.

Stubs A-List features all the perks of AMC's current Stubs Insider loyalty program.

AMC announced their new subscription service, Stubs A-List, on Thursday. And they can see individual movies they have previously seen.

AMC has instituted a MoviePass-like program specific to their theaters, something that's been predicted by analysts for some time.

MoviePass will charge extra $2 for every big opening weekend movie