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Apple to fix 'sticky' keyboard problems for free

23 June 2018

It slowly became known that the new butterfly style keys which showed up on the latest models of the MacBook and the MacBook Pro were faulty since once they let in dust and debris inside, there was no way for it to get out.

United States tech giant Apple has acknowledged that a small percentage of keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models may exhibit malfunctions, such as letters or characters repeating unexpectedly, not appearing, or experiencing "sticky" keys that do not respond in a consistent manner.

However, not everybody has been impressed.

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Although it is rare, many consumers buying the latest MacBook and the MacBook Pro with butterfly keyboard complained that their keys stopped working without any specific reason. A petition circulated earlier this year calling for a formal recall, and it even sparked class-action lawsuits. Lending to the frustration has been the cost and process involved in getting an official fix.

On Friday, the company announced the fix program, which applies to MacBook and MacBook Pro models with keyboards that unexpectedly repeat letters, fail to type them, feel "sticky", or respond inconsistently. Unlike Apple's previous keyboard switches, which could be detached and replaced by users themselves should crumbs or other detritus get lodged underneath, the butterfly mechanism isn't designed for individual removal. Nor did it say how the new replacement keyboards will remain error-free.

Apple has launched a "Keyboard Service Program" to address issues that some MacBook owners have experienced with their keyboards. Affected users may contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider, make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store, or mail in their device for service. Apple will not only foot the bill for future repairs and replacements, but offer refunds to customers who may have paid to have their computers fixed in the time between warranties running out and the program's announcement. For more information about the "Keyboard Service Program", check out Apple's website. It took a long time for this service program to arrive given how long users have been reporting problems, though.

Apple to fix 'sticky' keyboard problems for free