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Surprise: Kim Jong-un arrives in Beijing

19 June 2018

A flurry of inter-Korean talks are underway after last week's landmark summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un extended a temporary detente on the Korean Peninsula.

The Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills have taken place annually for more than 40 years.

South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported that the upcoming Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise, which usually begins in late August, would be canceled as part of the suspensions.

Moon Chung-in is a special adviser to South Korea's president. Last year's exercise included 17,500 USA troops, about 3,000 of whom came from off the peninsula. "Also, quite provocative. Can start up immediately if talks break down, which I hope will not happen!"

Last year's drill was held over 11 days and involved 17,500 United States troops and 50,000 from South Korea, along with those from several other countries that fought in the 1950-53 Korean war.

A Pentagon statement confirmed the suspension and added that there would be a meeting between the secretaries of defense and state as well as Trump's national security adviser on the issue this week.

Trump also defended his decision to end military exercises with South Korea, long an irritant to North Korea, as Washington and Pyongyang attempt to finalize terms of the denuclearization. China is North Korea's most important diplomatic and economic backer but has been angered by Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests.

The South Korean government and USA military officials were not told before Trump's announcement.

"This week, the South Korean and United States defence ministries will jointly announce the results of their discussions", the source added.

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Relations between the two communist nations appear to have strengthened in recent months as Beijing seeks to reward North Korea for their recent peace initiatives.

The Ulchi Freedom Guardian involves computer-simulated defensive exercises and field exercises in land, sea, and air that are created to improve South Korea's defense.

"We are still coordinating additional actions".

The claim about launch sites isn't Trump's first false statement in support of the outcome of the June 12 summit.

It is a decision that will no doubt please Kim, as North Korea has long denounced the exercise as a provocation and rehearsal to invade the North.

"Holding back the "war games" during the negotiations was my request because they are VERY EXPENSIVE and set a bad light during a good faith negotiation", Trump tweeted Sunday.

In an unprecedented development, Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at a landmark summit in Singapore after a year of war threats.

But Trump still needs to overcome public sentiment that the U.S.

The Pentagon has officially suspended planning for its August "war game" with South Korea, it announced Monday.

Surprise: Kim Jong-un arrives in Beijing