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Wendy’s Shades IHOB Over Burger Rebranding: ‘Pancakes Were Too Hard’?

14 June 2018

The brand also added that it's temporarily changing its branding because the "b' stands for burgers". I rushed to Twitter and found that many like me were heartbroken by the seeming betrayal and were planning on turning their back forever on the 1,700-location chain of morning Americana.

IHOP recently changed its iconic name to IHOb revealing that the new consonant stands for "burgers".

The name change has certainly garnered attention on social media, and seems to be working exactly how the company wanted.

"Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard", scoffed the iconic burger maker to a Twitter fan who asked if they were anxious.

Sliced steak maker Steak-Umm and Burger King took different approaches.

Steak n' Shake, which has been offering its signature Steakburgers since 1934, tweeted directly at IHOP (or IHOb, as they've rebranded their Twitter handle), saying, "A replica by definition can not be as good as the original".

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IHOP is now IHOb: The International House of Burgers

"We have a big announcement", read the Phillies' tweet.

It was a marketing strategy and publicity stunt combined on the part of IHOP. But we said, there will come times when we want to promote something other than pancakes. "Good company. They treated us well".

But the trick comes with making the idea stick long after IHOb campaign ends.

If you punch IHOP in your browser, you'll see more about the changes, while searching for IHOB gives you a peek at a hamburger. The name change is not going over well with some IHOP lovers.

"Picking up on the company's tricks, when one Twitter user said on Monday, 'Your marketing team needs to be fired..."

"Let the record show that the original IHOP/IHOb tweet was liked 21,000 times in around seven hours, while the Wendy's reply got more than 96,000 likes in roughly half that time", reports NPR's Bill Chappell.

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Wendy’s Shades IHOB Over Burger Rebranding: ‘Pancakes Were Too Hard’?