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Volvo details new 'Polestar Engineered' S60 T8

14 June 2018

For the S60 T8 Twin Engine, there are lightweight wheels, upgraded brakes from Brembo, an adjustable front strut, and adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers with a dual-flow valve that allows stiffening in the springs and dampeners while retaining comfort.

Gold is Volvo Polestar Engineered's signature color.

The current V60 covers the 0-62mph dash in 5.1 seconds, but the extra power, combined with software changes to the automatic gearbox, should help Polestar Engineered versions dip under five - numbers which should put the Polestar roughly on par with the S4.

The Polestar Engineered upgrade package for the Volvo S60, V60 and XC60 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrids has been detailed, ahead of the S60's formal debut next week.

Indeed, Volvo recently announced that all of its future Polestar products - think Mercedes-Benz's AMG or BMW's M products - would be electric.

As with recent fast Volvos, the S60 T8 will receive Ohlins dampers - in this case the very fancy DFV items - using a design that's shared with the Polestar 1.

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Volvo says the Brembo mono-block brake callipers are cast in one piece and "optimised for rigidity", the brake pads boast "increased heat tolerance" and the brake discs feature a slotted design.

The shocks are borrowed from the Polestar 1 hybrid performance auto, meaning they are adjustable.

Polestar may now be a manufacturer in its own right, but it's teaming up with Volvo for a new range of high-performance parts. Seatbelt straps are gold, too, and the auto comes with Polestar emblems and black chrome exhaust pipes.

We'll have to wait until next week to see the all-new South Carolina-built Volvo S60 in its entirety.

These upgrades will be shown in full when the production S60 saloon is revealed in the USA next week. "All components have been fine-tuned to work together, delivering a responsive and exciting drivers' auto".

Volvo details new 'Polestar Engineered' S60 T8