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Google Home can now handle up to three commands at once

14 June 2018

Getting Google Assistant to do multiple things with one command has traditionally been a challenge.

Multiple commands have been supported on Google Home for a few months now, but the support is relatively limited. Today, that functionality is starting to go live. Previously, it could do this for only two queries.

For instance, suppose you want to turn on your TV and light, then all you need to say "turn on my living room TV and light".

Additionally, Android Police reports that the Multiple Actions feature, which was announced at I/O 2018, has also gone live.

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For example, they can say "Hey Google, show me the weather forecast, set a timer for five minutes, and play music on Spotify" and Assistant will do all of those tasks for them without having to make them give an individual command for each task.

The new ability is a progression from Google Home's understanding of two commands at once.

With this latest firmware update, though, Google can intelligently recognize these commands.

While peppering our sentences with multiple "ands" sounds a bit weird, it does bring us a step closer to natural language commands, which will make interacting with voice assistants more like conversing with humans. However, you'll probably use something more along the lines of "Ok Google, turn on the lights in the kitchen and turn off the lights in the bedroom".

Google Home can now handle up to three commands at once