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E3 2018: Daemon Ex Machina Announced During Nintendo Direct

14 June 2018

Judging from the trailer that they have shown- it's similar to a Gundam mech battle game.

Marvelous originally announced that it was working on a new title Nintendo Switch title, although Daemon X Machina was not revealed until E3 2018. Nimble, fast and highly destructive mechs, which fly through the air and zoom on the ground, while avoiding enemy projectiles and missiles. Its producer, Kenichiro Tsukuda, is popularly known for his work in the successful mech-based series "Armored Core".

Video game stories from other sites on the web. In particular, the Armored Core experiences gave him experience within the mecha genre, as the games are set in a time when different factions of humanity are fighting for dominance over the post-apocalyptic planet.

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The game is now in development stages by Marvelous First Studio using the Unreal Engine 4. Nakatsuru did the music for Soulcalibur games and Hamamoto for the Tekken series previously. Ultimate, the company kicked things off with metal music and a insane looking new title called Daemon X Machina.

Nintendo's E3 presentation wasn't just about Super Smash Bros Ultimate or the new Fire Emblem - there were some new games for the Switch library as well.

E3 2018: Daemon Ex Machina Announced During Nintendo Direct