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UBER to ID drunk Riders

13 June 2018

"The system uses a computer model to identify user and trip characteristics indicative of the uncharacteristic user states", says the patent application. Its algorithms weigh a number of factors, including typos, walking speed, how precisely you press in-app buttons, and the amount of time it takes, standing on the curb, to order a ride.

It could also prevent the passenger from joining shared rides.

"Predicting user state using machine learning", is how the company succinctly describes their latest technological endeavour.

Uber wants to be able to tell you when you've had too many drinks.

"For example, when the likelihood is comparatively very high, the user may not be matched with any provider, or limited to providers with experience or training with users having an unusual state", the patent states.

The measure seems counterintuitive as many inebriated people use the taxi-app firm's services to safely get back home after a wild night out.

Self-driving Ford Fusion used by Uber
Uber patent could detect how drunk you are when ordering a ride

According to a patent application spotted by CNN, Uber has drawn up a plan for AI that detects a user's drunken behavior to accommodate them before they get into the backseat.

"It could lead to the possibility of some drivers avoiding drunk passengers and in the worst cases 'drunk hunting".

By knowing this information, a driver may be warned of their passenger's state - even before they pick them up.

In the patent, Uber wrote: "A travel coordination system identifies uncharacteristic user activity and may take an action to reduce undesired consequences of uncharacteristic user states".

According to Uber, knowing whether a rider is drunk or exhausted could help prevent issues with a trip. Uber's planned AI feature could, in theory, let drivers easily scout neighborhoods to find drunken passengers for this objective.

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UBER to ID drunk Riders