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Devolver Digital E3 2018: Metal Wolf Chaos XD

13 June 2018

The trailer for the game, revealed at Devolver's frankly mad E3 conference, doesn't make a lot of sense, if I'm honest. It's great news for fans, who have been clamoring for an official English release for quite some time now. The mech game Metal Wolf Chaos made by From Software (Dark Souls) was one of those, and even though it never saw a U.S. release beyond a hidden demo on the Official Xbox Magazine disc, people have been looking out for it ever since. Devolver Digital has partnered with FromSoftware to bring this obscure game to PS4 in an enhanced form entitled Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

You play as the 47th President of the United States, Michael Wilson, fighting against a rebellion led by your Vice-President, Richard Hawk. This updated global release will be coming this year and is entitled Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

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FromSoftware released the Metal Wolf Chaos third-person shooter game in Japan only on the Xbox console in 2004. Wilson seeks to take America back with the help of his sassy secretary and a giant mecha robot codenamed "Metal Wolf", and the game explores complex narrative themes like awesome mecha battles, a State of Liberty helicopter-based hostage situation, and white slavery.

Devolver Digital E3 2018: Metal Wolf Chaos XD