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Police operation over hostage situation in Paris

12 June 2018

Emergency services arrive at the scene of a hostage situation in central France on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

An armed man claiming to have a bomb has taken three people including a pregnant woman hostage in Paris. More than a dozen heavily-armed police officers, firefighters and rescue workers were stationed outside the entrance of the building where the hostages were being held.

The gunman is reportedly holding the people hostage inside an office.

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There was no indication of a terrorist motive, police said. Law enforcement officials cordoned off the area.

The area around the incident in the 10th arrondissement of Paris was ringed off by police. But the police source said he had asked to communicate with the Iranian embassy so that they could convey a message to the French government.

The freed hostage was reportedly doused with gasoline and hit in the face as he was freed, according to Lefebvre, head of the FO police union. "His demands were really vague and incoherent", said an interior ministry official.

Police operation over hostage situation in Paris